Comprehensive Guide: How to Blur Face on iPhone for Beginners

Want to obscure someone's face in a photo on your iPhone for privacy? Blurring faces is easy on your iPhone using the editing tools in the built-in Photos app. With just a few taps, you can conceal identities in snapshots by covering faces with a foggy blur. No need for extra apps or advanced editing expertise.

You can easily improve image quality and unblur the photos using ImageWithAI’s Overscale feature before blurring images and hiding sensitive information. image9.jpg  This quick guide will walk you through exactly how to blur faces on an iPhone in a few straightforward steps using common tools you already have. Read on to learn how to blur faces while keeping fun memories and maintaining photo quality.

How to Blur Faces on iPhone Free

Want to hide someone's identity in an iPhone pic before sharing? You can use a handy native feature to blur any image automatically without downloads or edits. iPhone's Privacy Mode protects faces by fogging them when you go to share photos. Activating it is quick and easy.

Here's how to blur faces for free on your iPhone:

  • Open "Settings" and tap into the "Photos" options.
  • Scroll to and tap on the "Privacy" section.
  • Toggle on the switch next to "People" or "Faces", enabling face blurring.
  • Now, any shots you access for sharing in Messages, Photos, or other apps will have identities concealed by default.

With just a few taps, you can use built-in tools to enable customizable blurring on iPhone to cover faces and respect privacy - no extra apps required.

How to Blur Faces on iPhone Without App

You can blur faces directly in the Photos app without needing extra downloads. iPhone's built-in editing makes it easy to fog over any face in a few taps. No artistic skill is required. We'll walk through the simple steps to effortlessly hide people's identities on your iPhone. Learn to anonymize images using the basic tools you already have.

image2.jpg Here are the steps to blur faces on an iPhone without needing an app:

  • Open the photo you want to edit in the Photos app.
  • Tap "Edit" in the upper right corner.
  • Select the markup tool depicted by three circles connected with a line.
  • Tap the face you want to conceal. A circle will appear over the face.
  • Adjust the brush size according to the size of the face you want to blur. You can do this by dragging the slider that appears after selecting the blur tool.
  • Tap the brush markers at the bottom and drag the slider right to increase the blur.
  • Tap "Done" when finished to save changes.

The person's face is now hidden behind an opaque blur while the rest of the image remains clear. You have successfully blurred the photo using only basic iPhone tools without any extras needed. Repeat for each image that requires blurring.

Here is a video on how it's done:

How to Blur a Photo on any iPhone (tutorial)

How to Blur Parts of a Picture on iPhone

Need to blur out certain sections of a photo on your iPhone? The editing tools built into your Photos app make this easy; no extra apps are required. In simple steps, you can hide details in your pics by adding a foggy blur. image6.jpg

  • Open the photo and tap "Edit." This takes you to editing mode.
  • Tap the three-circle icon with a line under it to select the markup tool for drawing and adding shapes to the image.
  • Tap the spot you want to hide. This places an adjustable shape over that section.
  • Use the brush and set it to maximum opacity. Paint over the area you want to blur. You can blur a specific part of the image.
  • Use your finger on the slider to control how far you want the blur effect to reach.
  • Tap "Done" to apply the blur and complete the edit.

Using this fast built-in method, you can mask parts of any photo to creatively make details less visible or hide things altogether for privacy.

Here is a video on how it’s done:

How To Blur a Photo On ANY iPhone!

How to Blur Face on iPhone Video

Want to blur someone's face in an iPhone video? The iMovie app makes it easy to blur any face in a few taps. No need to be an editing expert. Just import the clip, layer a photo on top to mask the face, and let iMovie handle the rest.

image8.jpg Follow these straightforward steps to blur a face in your iPhone video using the built-in iMovie app:

  • Open iMovie and tap the "+" icon to import the video with the face you want to blur.
  • Tap "Create Movie," then select the imported video from your library.
  • Tap the "+" icon again and choose a photo to overlay and cover the face.
  • Position and resize the image to mask the face underneath fully.
  • Preview the video to ensure the face is obscured.
  • Tap "Done" to save your edited video within iMovie.

Now, you can export and share your iPhone video with anonymized faces using iMovie's hassle-free sharing tools. No complicated settings are needed.

So, hiding identities in iPhone videos is simple by using the powerful yet user-friendly iMovie app already on your phone. Give it a go.

Here is how it's done:

[How To Blur A Object Or Face In A Video In IMovie On iPhone For Beginners

How to Blur Faces on iPhone 14

Want to easily blur someone's identity in a picture on your iPhone 14? You can leverage a handy native portrait effect. The Photos app transforms regular shots into artsy portraits that attractively blur backgrounds. image1.jpg Follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Capture your photo in standard Photo mode.
  2. Open it in Photos and tap "Edit."
  3. Tap the portrait icon, then "Portrait" at the top.
  4. Adjust the Depth Control slider to increase background blur.
  5. Tap "Done" to apply the customized portrait effect.

Now, the face or focal point stays sharp while the rest blurs for an effortless anonymity effect using your iPhone 14 camera and Photos app. To undo it, revert edits. It's that simple to creatively obscure faces without downloading third-party apps.

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Is There a Blur Tool on iPhone?

Yes, there is a handy built-in blur tool in the Photos app that you can use to blur portions of photos right on your iPhone.

To access it:

  • Open the photo you want to edit in Photos and tap "Edit" in the upper right corner.
  • Select the markup tool depicted by three circles connected with a line (it may be hidden under the ellipsis).
  • Trace around the area you want to blur with your finger.
  • Tap "Blur" at the bottom and drag the slider right to control the blur intensity.

So, no extra apps are needed. The intuitive editing tools that come standard with Photos enable you to creatively blur faces, objects, backgrounds - whatever you like. This makes it easy to blur parts of them for privacy on the fly, directly on your iPhone.

How Do I Blur My Face in a Photo?

You can easily blur your face, or someone else's right on your iPhone. No app downloads or advanced editing skills are required. The simplest way is to use your iPhone's camera to take photos. Here's how it's done. image4.jpg

  • Open the Camera app and get ready to take your photo.
  • Tap on another object or person in the frame to set the focus point - this will be the area that remains in sharp focus.
  • Wait for the yellow box to appear on the screen, showing what will stay in focus.
  • Tap the round white shutter button to take the photo.

Anything outside the focus area, like faces in the background, will automatically appear slightly blurred. Though not as precise as editing tools, this camera technique can obscure identities by shifting the focus away from the subject you want to hide. Try it next time you want to conceal faces or objects in your pics.

What Is the Shortcut to Blur Faces on iPhone?

Newer iPhones have shortcuts that allow users to blur photos easily. The Shortcuts feature lets iPhone users easily automate helpful tasks. You can add a convenient Blur Faces tool to anonymize pictures faster. image3.jpg To set it up:

  • Open Settings and enable Untrusted Shortcuts in the Shortcuts menu. Say okay to the pop-up. This allows custom shortcuts.
  • Visit this secure link in Safari to access the Blur Faces shortcut and select "Get Shortcut."
  • The Shortcuts app will open and download the Blur Faces command.
  • Open Shortcuts from your Home screen and tap Blur Faces to use it.
  • Pick a photo from your library to automatically blur all detected faces.

This integrated third-party shortcut lets you quickly obscure people's identities in snaps rather than using the editing features in Photos. Enable it to rapidly blur faces in a couple of quick taps for privacy or anonymity purposes.

Here is how to do it:

Siri Shortcuts: Blur Faces in Images on iPhone

Which iPhone Has the Blur Effect?

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are currently the only iPhones that have a "blurry background" feature when taking photos. This makes the person or object you take a picture of look sharper, while the background looks more blurred or out of focus. image5.jpg

Other cheaper iPhones, like the iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 12, etc., do not have this background blur feature. Only the most recent and high-end iPhone 14 Pro models can automatically blur the background when taking portraits or photos focused on one person or object. Older models like the iPhone XS and XR can edit cinematic videos but cannot create the effect.


There are a few easy ways to blur faces on an iPhone. The built-in editing tools in the Photos app allow the manual application of a blur to hide identities after taking a photo. Drawing a shape over the face and adjusting the blur slider does this without extra apps.

Alternatively, enabling the "Privacy" mode in Settings will auto-blur faces when sharing photos from the device. Shortcuts can also quickly find and obscure faces.

While the built-in Photos app and iMovie provide effective ways to blur faces on iPhone, here are some top-rated third-party apps for extra flexibility:

  • Obscura: Offers precise blur with circle and lasso selection tools to easily hide faces and License plates. Has filters and editing options beyond just blurring.
  • Blur Photo: Simple app focused specifically on anonymizing faces in snaps quickly. Detects faces automatically to blur for privacy.
  • Pixelmator: Full-featured photo editor with a range of blur tools, including motion and zoom effects. Lets you tweak the blur’s intensity.
  • Afterlight Photo Editor: Stylish filters and tools including precise blur brushes perfect for manually hiding parts of your images.

So, multiple iPhone options exist to conveniently blur facial details for privacy without professional editing expertise required.


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