How to Convert Image to 4k Resolution Online Free

It is common for photographers to deal with blurred pictures from time to time. Several factors can be responsible for such images. However, it's interesting to note that several tools can be used to resolve such issues.

Many years ago, the only solution photographers had for blurry images was Photoshop. But now, things have changed. You can fix a blurred image with AI tools. And guess what? These tools are not only more effective at getting rid of the blurry effect, but they are also not as expensive as Photoshop or any other related software.

With AI tools that can enable you to manipulate picture resolutions, you can make blurred pictures look good again. Increasing the resolution of a blurry image is as easy as using the right AI tools.

Speaking of the right tools, Overscale AI is just what you need to enhance the picture quality of a blurry image. With Overscale’s picture sharpener, you can forget about trying to use heavy and expensive software to fix blurry images. Those days are gone. Now, it is more convenient to do such conversions online.

This post will be showing you how to convert image with lower resolutions to higher resolutions online free. You are going to learn how to fix your blurry images without paying a dime. Learn how you can make the most of this amazing picture-sharpening tool.

How to Convert Images Online

There are many online sharpener tools for fixing blurry images. Overscale AI is recommended because of its incredible features and picture quality. As a photographer, you can accomplish several things with this tool.

For instance, this tool provides you with resources to fix blurry images and enhance their overall picture quality. In addition, AI tools can also bring out all the interesting details in a blurry picture in seconds. This is done without compromising the original picture.

Noise can also affect pictures significantly. Picture noise is one factor that accounts for blurry images. Overscale AI tool boasts noise reduction features that help to eliminate every noise from a picture.

Furthermore, using this tool to remove blurs from a picture is extremely easy. Almost anybody can use the tool and obtain maximum results. You don't need any Photoshop experience or be a professional before you can use this tool for image resolution conversions.

To fix a blurry image online with AI tools, here are the steps to take. Let’s go over the various steps from the beginning.

Steps to Convert Images Online

Step 1: Visit the selected online platform

The very first thing you need to do is to access an image conversion platform where you can find and use a reliable AI sharpener tool. There are many such platforms online but you need to be careful about which one to use. That is because not all of them may be able to meet your needs.


Step 2: Upload the target image onto the Overscale AI tool

You can do this by simply dragging and dropping the blurred image on the section where the conversion will be done.


Step 3: Choose enlargement factors

You can choose from 3 enlargement options. The AI tool usually enlarges the target picture by 1X. However, there are other enlargement options like 2X and 4X.

Overscale's AI tool employs these enlargement factors to scale and make a blurry picture clearer and finer. No matter how low the quality of such pictures is, AI tools can easily get them fixed when you choose the right scaling factors.

Step 4: Download the 4k image to your system

This is the part where you download the converted 4k resolution image to your system. AI tools usually come with a download button that allows you to download output images to your PC. Overscale AI also has that button. Click on the button to save a copy of the converted image to your PC.


7 Tips to Help You Avoid Blurry Pictures

Blurry pictures can be avoided. There are steps you can take to prevent that from happening. Here are 7 tips to help you ensure high-quality, professional pictures.

Wide-Angle Lens Are Better

Long lenses are more difficult to handle. They shake more and are heavier to carry. You can use wide-angle lenses instead. It is easier to steady your hand and have the camera fixated on the subject just the way you want it. That way, you can be more precise at pressing the shutter and avoid any blurry effects on your pictures.

Larger Aperture Settings

Aperture refers to the lens opening that allows light to enter the camera. Larger aperture settings are represented by smaller f-stop values (e.g., f/1.8), allowing more light to enter but resulting in a shallower depth of field. Therefore, instead of applying smaller f-stop values, try using an aperture setting as large as f-11 to enhance your picture quality.

Use The Right Focus

Focus Modes are not just there for fancy. Photographers need to learn how and when to use the various focus modes. Knowing the best focus mode for a specific scene can make a significant difference in photography.

From the different portrait scenes to the various landscape settings, using the appropriate focus mode will reduce the amount of editing you will do.

Activate Image Stabilization

If you use a camera equipped with IS (image stabilization) functionalities, make sure you activate them. This technology helps the camera reduce image blurriness by counteracting hand movements. You would appreciate this feature more where using a tripod is impossible or holding the camera by hand becomes unavoidable.

Hold The Camera Properly

While this may sound like a no-brainer, many photographers are guilty of this. Many photographers do not know how to correctly hold their cameras.

Go through your camera’s manual to see if you are holding the camera the right way. By the time you start holding the camera accordingly, the impact will be felt in the quality of the picture produced.

Develop a good camera-holding technique by steadying your body and using proper hand placement on the camera. Avoid abrupt movements and hold your camera with your two hands, making sure your elbow is not far from your body to ensure stability.

Use a Tripod

When shooting with larger aperture settings, any slight movement can cause blurriness in the image. Using a sturdy tripod helps stabilize the camera, preventing shake or movement that can lead to blurry pictures.

Utilize Remote or Self-Timer

Even the act of pressing the camera shutter button can introduce slight movement and result in blurry pictures. To minimize this, use a remote shutter release or enable the camera's self-timer function. This way, the camera has a brief delay after you press the shutter, allowing any vibrations to settle before the image is captured.

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Final Words

The above tips can help improve the quality of your pictures significantly, making your pictures sharper and crispier. However, there is no need to give up on yourself if you eventually end up with blurry pictures. Tools, such as Overscale AI, can help you fix blurry images in simple steps. Follow the steps highlighted above to convert image to a higher resolution online for free. Finally, you can upload and convert your blurred image on this image-sharpening tool for free.

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